What the Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Weights by Dana McMahan

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What the Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Weights by Dana McMahan:
What the diet industry doens’t want you to know about weights.pdf

 ”If girls started getting under the bar with some serious weight, the market for diet books, gadgets, pills, food-like products, exercise gear, Spanxx, and so-called health/fitness magazines might just entropy.”  Dana McMahan

Another Great Article for Women

I Heart Powerlifting (And I’m Not Bulky, Or Masculine) by Dana McMahan:

“many women—and trainers–still believe lifting heavy weights will make them bulky or, thanks to perverse media claims, “too toned.” I can only surmise that the inventor of two-pound dumbbells started this misinformation campaign which has pervaded gyms across the country, where women with great fear of looking like a Russian heavyweight powerlifter cling to their tiny weights as they shuffle along on treadmills.” Dana McMahan

One More Great Article for Women

So You Want To Be A Weightlifter?  What You Need To Know To Get Started by Dana McMahan:

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