MetCon Madness Today! Outside Workout Today!

UPDATE:  Thank you to all the brave souls who participated in the very first MetCon Madness Monday!  We had a great time at our very first MetCon Madness Monday at Xtreme Fitness.  It was a great day outside, so we took the workout to the parking lot.  The workout was as follows:

Workout for April 23rd, 2012
10 Snatch Squats (overhead squats)
10 Tire Jumps
1 Hill Sprint then keep running around the building.

The choices were either 5 rounds (Black Level), 3 rounds (Gold Level) or 1 round (Purple Level).

Our next class will be on April 30th starting exactly at 5:30.  Sign up in the Xtreme Fitness Pro Shop to reserve your spot.


METCON MADNESS MONDAY at Xtreme Fitness!  Please sign up at the front desk.

(You do NOT need a membership to attend this class!)

ATTENTION METCON LOVER’s!  I will be designing, scaling to different fitness levels and coaching a FREE Class called “MetCon Madness Monday” every Monday at Xtreme Fitness starting April 23rd at 5:30pm.  Depending on participation, we might run two sessions back to back.

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  1. great class yesterday, coach. any chance for two or three metcon classes per week?

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