Family Vacation?  Kids on a Senior Trip?  Do you have valuables to escort (family, jewelry, animals, etc…)?  Or do you want your next Wedding, Private Party or Event to be Safer, Unique and have an ELITE V.I.P. Look?  Then contact me as your next V.I.P. Travel Escort or Event Bouncer.

My extreme close quarters hand to hand self defense skills, criminal justice education and Doorman/Bouncer experience can come in handy if you need a V.I.P. Travel

San Francisco Yacht Club Event

Escort or you’re hosting an event and want an Elite V.I.P. Service or Look.  I can provide your event (including myself) with Professional Unarmed Escorts/Bouncers/or I.D. Checkers (the last thing you would want is to get busted because an underage person is drinking at your event or the event being ruined by uninvited party crashers, flash mobs or paparazzi).

Why unarmed?  My self defense and martial arts expertise along with my maturity level, calm demeanor and verbal de-escalation skills can “control” someone without injury and/or diffuse a situation before it gets out of control.  Use of force should rarely, if ever be used and should only be implemented for the safety of the group or individual.  Do you really need an armed escort or bouncer who could accidentally shoot innocent people and have you tied up in court defending lawsuits the rest of your life?  Also,  Read more here:

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