Fight Scene Thugs needed…

To all,

Stunt coordinator/director/producer Ken Clark from Action Horizons Production ( is looking to showcase my unique B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System in a real life action shot.  If my style of self defense looks good in the shot, Ken might fly me out to Indonesia to help coordinate fight scenes on their next movie.  The scene will consist of 7 or 8 thugs attacking me at the same time and I will be “neutralizing” the attackers.  We need a few more guys to round out the cast for the shoot.  Ken will be directing and setting up the stunts utilizing my unique form of self defense.  It will start in the parking lot and then as I try to escape into a warehouse, the thugs follow and try to kill me.  Little do they know, I am an expert in B.E.T. Self Defense and end up taking out all the bad guys.  Sounds cool right?  If you want to be in the shot, please email me at  Thanks, Coach David

By the way, he is also recruiting for the Universal Studios Singapore Waterworld show if you’re interested.  Here is a description from his site:

WATERWORLD casting for Universal Studios Singapore begins in September. Please have your submissions in by then.

Check out our casting video and see if you have what it takes!

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