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Bring a seminar to you…

The Fastest to Learn and Most Effective Self Defense System in the World!

Learn to protect yourself and your family from a violent attack.  Get some of your friends/co-workers together and have me over for a  B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System seminar.  My fee is just $3,000 and I will come to you (anywhere in the US, includes all expenses…outside of US is $5,000).  Basically get 10 friends together and it will only be $300 each and 20 friends would only be $150 each.  The seminar will last around 4 hours, depending on the # of participants.  I’ve spent tens of thousands on seminars and I have always come away with great stuff.  Contact me at coachalexander @ to check schedule availability.  Don’t have time to learn the system but want to feel safe on a road trip or vacation?  Then hire me as your Professional Travel Escort.  I can get into any country or on any plane, because I do not need to carry a gun…I am the gun (learn more at