Coach David Alexander’s “Super Juice” Green Drink Juice Recipe

Coach David Alexander’s “Super Juice” Green Drink Juice Recipe (I make this 4 to 5 times a week and drink a lot of it right after I juice it on an empty stomach.  Do not eat for at least an hour before or after green juicing to get the full benefit.  I give both my sons up to 8 oz. of super juice and my wife gets around 12 ounces.  I drink the rest throughout the day.  In order for me to get around a gallon of juice I will add in additional ingredients to the basic Coach David Alexander’s “Super Juice” recipe:
-Kale (a whole thing) any type of kale will do.
-Spinach, romaine or cabbage (a whole thing)
-Celery (the whole bunch)
-Cucumber (whole/peeled)
-Carrots (2)
-Ginger (size of thumb)
-Green apples (2) (can sub different apple varieties for more sweetness)
-Oranges, Tangerines or Mineolos (2 peeled)
-Lemon (peeled)
Optional ingredients to add to the above:
-Beet (peeled)(1)
-Parsley (half a bunch)
-Red cabbage (whole thing)
-Swiss Chard

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