Another B.E.T. Self Defense System Testimonial + New Video

“Hello Coach David!
Sorry for not contacting you sooner, but due to my work I was away from home and up to my neck in business.  I watched your DVDs. It is great stuff, and I thank you Sir very much.  I have been studying martial arts for more than couple of decades (I’m 39y/o).  And I have been introduced with TFT and Combatives. But the thing is that with your system and limited number of targets I felt so much more sure in my performance (if need be).  Your system is very liberating. 3 targets and just go for them!! Thank you for sharing this via DVD.
I travel a lot due to my work and I travel through Bosnia and Herzegovina, through Kosovo…and many other risky places.  People here on Balkans don’t think twice about killing others if you get into confrontations. And often I am not armed due to crossing the borders etc.  I think that your system gives me a good fighting chance of coming out alive from possible confrontations, even if I’m unarmed myself.
 Thanks again Coach David, and please, count on me when your future DVDs come out.”
Truly Yours
 H. Luksic
Throat Strike Lesson #1 for the B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System

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