Another B.E.T. DVD Set Testimonial!

“Boy you have narrowed it down to a “slam bam” (3 targets). I REALLY HOPE I NEVER HAVE TO USE THIS TARGET BASED SYSTEM, but if I do I will. It actually fits my style which has always been to move forward…. my instincts are good…  This Target Based Self Defense System is the ultimate human instinct, take out an opponent system. It knocks out all the cultural myths about self defense and gives one a simple attack plan when you are in a serious situation, so congratulations on this presentation. I’m still a little shaky about the knife and gun-but in a desperate situation I now know that these ‘tools’ are not the actual target, go for the target. 

 Hey, were is you facility located? I may want to come down there sometime and get a personal training by you or your staff on the Target Based System, just because. 

Thanks for the opportunity to view the disk.”  Pat O.

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Learn to Fight--Real Self Defense

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