Airplane Repo

I was a part of the cast of the Discovery Channel show Airplane Repo last night.  It was a lot of fun.  The production crew was great and a joy to work with.  I cannot tell you where it was filmed yet, the show should air in August.  I will let everyone know and see if I make it into the actual aired show.  Coach David



airplane repo

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  1. I may be facing some prison time.Do you have a video dealing with that type of situation? I wasnt in control of the situation but I am still on the hook.I’m 56 & havent had as much as a beer or a cigarette in 30plus yrs.I’m nervous about going & I am trying to get ready.Thanks

    • Clayton,
      My B.E.T. self defense system would be the best to survive. If you haven’t read about it already go to and check it out. Coach David

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