B.E.T. Self Defense Practice by DVD Set buyers

Here is a video done by a couple who purchased my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System 2-Disc DVD Set and sent me a video of their practice.  This couple originally got interested in my system because of the Ferguson, MO riots.  The riots were very close to where they are living.  He would send me email updates of the chaos.  They do a good job of showing some of the movements and targets, but I would have to caution anyone to move way way way slower while you are learning this system.  The targets and movements to strike the targets are no joke and can do permanent harm or cause death.  To learn more go to http://www.HowToKillWithYourHands.com.  

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  1. that is awesome. really shows you how sensitive the human body is. .B.e.t. ‘s are no nonsense 🙂

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