Testimonial from Undercover Cop/Gang Enforcement Robert W.

Below you can read another testimonial about my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System from a former undercover and gang enforcement police officer and 6 degree black belt…. Read more about my Self Defense System HERE
Coach Dave:

“The DVD material is EXCELLENT!  Gets right to the point of necessary skills in life-or-death situations, for the unarmed Individual.”

“The DVD material is EXCELLENT! Gets right to the point of necessary skills in life-or-death situations, for the unarmed individual.
I’ve been training in Martial Arts since 1968, did a couple of Full-Contact matches for the old PKA back in the late 70’s, and was a police officer in my home town for over 10 years. In 1985, I was the only ‘student’ ever allowed to teach what were then referred to as “combatives” at the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy. Other than the 2 years involved in full-contact fighting, my training has never been for sport. I started training for self-defense (I was very small…graduated high school at 5’5, 123 lbs!), and just for my own personal development. In 2012, I was promoted to 6th degree Black Belt in Hawaiian Kenpo Karate, a family-branch of the Kajukenbo system.
During my cop years, I “streamlined” my personal Martial Art to be more street effective, and replaced “kata” practice, and set combinations, with a more free-style use of impact equipment, like I learned during my full-contact years. However, instead of the standard jabs, crosses, hooks, and roundhouse kicks, I spent more time on knees, elbows, forearm and open-hand strikes. I trained in any method of law-enforcement and/or military hand-to-hand method I thought would expand my knowledge, as well as any other Martial Arts that I had the opportunity to sample (ie., Silat Serak, Kali, JKD, etc).  Because of the nature of my particular duties as a cop (undercover narcotics, Gang Enforcement Street Crime Unit, etc), I was put in positions where I was forced to apply the training on a somewhat regular basis. I’m proud to say that the changes I made in my approach, and training methods, worked. I’m not a “tough guy”, either, but the skills developed allowed me to escape without any serious injury every single time! The fact that I’m sitting here, typing this letter to you, is proof!
One of the changes that made the approach so effective, I thought, was the same type of “Target-Oriented vs. Technique-Oriented” method that your B.E.T System is based on. Due to civil liability as a cop, the target areas had to be expanded to include such non-lethal areas as the knees, hips, and the use of eye slaps instead of the more effective gouges. However, if the perp increased the violence level, and a weapon was not available in the moment, the capacity for upward escalation was there, and the targets would yield more, uh, permanent responses.
Coach Dave, I am glad to see, and impressed by, the research and work you have done. The chance to view your teaching methods was quite enjoyable, too, and I’m recommending these DVD’s to all of my compatriots who still work in “at-risk” vocations, as well as all of my friends, in general!  I offer you a profound, “Thank You!”, as a lifetime Martial Artist, for having the courage to do what you’ve done, saying the things you say about the current situation in Martial Arts training, and presenting this material to the public.
You have earned a staunch supporter, my friend!”
Robert W.
Jonesboro, AR

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