The 1000-Pound Club (Update) with new 410 Deadlift by Coach David Alexander

In this video I get a new deadlift PR (personal record) of 410. I only have 35 more pounds to go on my combined Squat, Bench and Deadlift totals to reach the 1000-Pound Club! I am 46 years old and this will be a great achievement for me when I reach this goal. My current PR’s are: 325 Squat (i do a deep olympic squat), 230 Bench (I do incline bench because I have shoulder injuries from sparring and a lifetime of playing baseball), 410 Deadlift (I did 405 a few years ago conventional and have switched to Sumo style and had to work my way back up, but feel I will be able to continue putting on the poundages without hurting my back).

About Coach David

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