Hammer Fists for Street Fighting and Self Defense by Coach David Alexander

In this video I am going to show you what targets to strike with your hammer fist(s). I believe that the target is more important than the technique. Therefore, regardless of the technique you use, if you don’t strike/smash a target that will cause damage or a somatic reflex on your attacker then you’re just “punching meat”. Some of the targets I discuss are the bridge of the nose, collar bone, solar plexus, pelvic plexus, groin, trachea, vagus nerve, eyes, liver and spleen. I also show some video clips of these targets being struck. Some of these clips are pretty graphic so be warned. I also show you a partial clip of a lesson from my online self defense program “Self Defense Made Real Easy”, see at http://www.SelfDefenseMadeRealEasy.com. This lesson talks about one punch knockouts and the unintended consequences of street fighting. Please subscribe, like, comment & share. Thanks, Coach David

How to Fight http://www.CoachDavidAlexander.com for Real Self Defense. Click Subscribe to see my videos before anyone else!

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