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  1. Hi David
    I work with drug addicts in an rehab or prison environment your system is the closest to what I was taught by prison authorities in 2010. An incident unrelated to work 3 weeks ago reminded me that I need a refresher course I have signed up for your online course for now but I want to explain what happened. I got a bit verbal with a guy when our dogs started fighting so he gets all red in the face pacing toward me I apologise but he comes in
    close shouting and stuff. I was trained to watch the face, if it’s red he’s thinking about what he wants to do but if he goes white hit him because his weapons (hands) are loaded. I knew I was safe i remained relatively calm as all his targets were open his hands were down and much too close to throw a punch I lowered my head slightly and angled my body to protect my targets and the only shot I thought of was his throat while i let him blow off steam but I forgot about keeping him at a distance, I guess I’m too used to the office environment I didn’t even index. I’m treating this incident as a live learning exercise it could have went really bad for me if he had choked because I’ve since found out he’s an ex policeman, I could have lost my clearance needed to work but luckily I didn’t have to strike him. I feel my apology was seen as a weakness but my hands up indexing would have been much better.

    • I’m glad everything worked out for you and no one got hurt. You must not have been doing your homework. The part at the end of my system that gets you to practice scenarios in your mind. As you said, this was a good wake up call. Thanks for sharing your story. I really appreciate it. Coach David

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