New 5-Star testimonials for Self Defense Made Real Easy

‘Tools’ that work – Outstanding!

“Coach Alexander will groom you into that mindset by teaching you the appropriate skills to attack the right targets. This is easy stuff to learn unlike other martial arts that take years to learn. Many marital arts schools have a tendency to trade techniques for money. However, with Coach Alexander you don’t have to know how a television set works to turn one on and watch it. This system is not a martial art or sport fighting. It’s not mystical and it’s not selling you tricks for more money to acquire belt after belt. Coach Alexander’s simple techniques are brutal and undiluted nasty. This “Target System” is stark reality and it will be a grim dose of reality for any martial art unwise enough to challenge it. No tapping out. No saved by the bell. No calendar girls. A lesson for all martial artists to be brought back to reality! I cannot recommend this training enough. However, if you are looking to learn martial arts or sports fighting then this lesson isn’t for you.”  Jaimie

Great course!

“This is a great course and similar to Target Focus Training by Tim Larkin, except it uses only 3 targets making it easier to remember and apply to any violent situation.” John A.

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