Self Defense Tactical Shooting by Paterson Tactical Consulting

My wife (Dr. Lisa), our friend Dr. Murray and I just finished a 6 hour Self Defense Tactical Shooting course by Rick Paterson of Paterson Tactical Consulting, Parker, AZ. It was great. My wife had never received professional firearm training until now. I am happy to say that I think she is finally a gun enthusiast like myself. Yes, of course, I am an expert in hand to hand training, but I would never pass up a chance for a “tool extender” such as a gun, knife or bat to help finish the job.

We learned so many things today including, safety, tactical & speed reloads, movement drills, drills and when the sun finally went down, we practiced night shooting and flashlight shooting. We also did a bunch of close quarters shooting as you can see in the video. I would like to say thanks to Rick Paterson and Paterson Tactical Consulting for putting together such a great training program and traveling to Lake Havasu just for us.

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