3 Gun Fun plus Quick Draw for Self Defense with a bonus blooper

My son is practicing his “directing” and video production, so we decided to film our range time. Even though I am a hand to hand expert, if I can get to a “Tool Extender” (gun, knife, bat) I am going to use it to save my life or the lives of others.

In this video I am practicing doing “3 Gun” shooting. Basically 3 Gun uses an AR-15 Rifle, Full Size Handgun and a Tactical Shotgun (usually with high end optics). In this video I use my Ruger 10/22 rifle, my Compact Glock 23 handgun and a Beretta shotgun designed for skeet shooting. It was a lot of fun. You will also see my youngest son use the same .22 rifle, and his Walther P22 handgun, but didn’t want to shoot the .12 guage shotgun, so we exchanged the camera and I finished the round.

The next part of the video, I am practicing my quick draw for self defense. In my opinion, whoever gets lead on their target first has the best chance of surviving a life & death situation.

Then at the very end I show a funny moment.

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