Question from a SDMRE student, and my answer

Here is a question I received from one of my online students from my 38 lesson course “Self Defense Made Real Easy”  See more here:

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Ian S.

2 hours ago

Hi Coach.

It’s a good realistic system that I know will work. I hope I never have to use it.

Just a couple of questions:

How do you rotate when they are behind you? Do you just spin around or do you step to the side?

If somebody was to stick a knife into your back, wouldn’t the shock stop you reacting in the way you teach? I am thinking that it would make you freeze and therefore be open to further stabs.

Best wishes,



Ian, thanks for the question. You need to step back and into the attacker while rotating towards them and smashing a target. As I mention in the course, you need to take their space “the secret”. As far as getting stabbed in the back, most people feel like it’s a punch and not a stab. No one can predict how your body will react to the stab.  Remember, the assassin and sniper are out of our control.   If the attacker is lucky enough to sever your spine, you’re dead meat. Hopefully you get the chance to react by moving into your attacker, taking their space, and start the target, reaction, target system to flow. I hope this helps. Coach David

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