Who am I?

Coach David Alexander

Executive Self Defense, Strength & Conditioning and Confidence Training.

Coach David Alexander Bio:    World Famous Self Defense Expert, Strength & Conditioning Specialist.  I am the creator of the B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System…the fastest to learn and most effective self defense system in the world, and Author of DavidsDiet.com.  My websites, DVD’s, videos, commercials, articles and book have been visited, watched or read by over 60 countries and counting.

My main focus is to reduce assaults, murders and rapes by arming the world…and when I say “arming the world” I mean by turning everyone into a lethal weapon.  Instead of giving everyone a gun, I will just teach them how to become the gun using their brains and bodies.  I feel that I can accomplish this by spreading my unique self defense ideas and philosophies to the world through private lessons, seminars, videos, DVD’s, E-Books, etc…  The more people that learn my system, the more people can spread the knowledge.  It doesn’t matter how it is learned, as long as it carries on…  I believe that if everyone knew my B.E.T. Self Defense System the assault, murder and rape crime statistics would drop to near 0%.  Who would want to attack someone when they know they would end up in the hospital or dead within seconds?  My self defense method will provide Real Self Defense for Real People (men, women & kids) even without guns, knives or clubs.  Together we can end violence.

Do you have any questions?  Email me at coachalexander@gmail.com and I will do my best to answer them.  Thanks, Coach David Alexander

I am a featured author on several blogs and online magazines including:  dont-tread-on.me, rethinksurvival.com, American Preppers NetworkSurvivalLife.com, DollarVigilante.com, SurvivalAcademy.coSurvivalSelfProtection.com and many others.


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