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Learn: How to Fight, How to Eat, and How to Train right here at CoachDavidAlexander.com

World Famous Self Defense Expert Coach David Alexander:  My websites, videos, commercials, articles and book have been visited, watched or read by over 60 countries and counting…

Learn How to Fight!  If you cannot protect yourself or your family, what good are you?

My goal is to end violence by teaching everyone my unique self defense system and philosophy.  I am going to “arm the world”…teaching people how to use their bodies and brains as their weapons and not just guns, knives and clubs…and the best part is that I can do it in JUST 1 LESSON!

“I was blown away by what I learned…I could not believe that self defense could be so easy.  I learned how to protect myself and family in just a couple hours instead of  taking years of typical martial arts classes….not to mention how much money I saved in the process.  Thanks Coach!”

I teach 2 different self defense styles and 1 sport fighting style:

1.  My B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System:  HOW TO KILL WITH YOUR HANDS…To survive a violent attack on yourself or your family…The only self defense lesson you will ever need!  The information in this system is going to blow you away.  You will never look at self defense the same way ever again!  This system can be learned in just a few hours and applied the same day if necessary.  This system is self defense for a life or death worst case scenario.  You do not need to be in great shape or even in good shape to use this system.  This system will give the older, unfit and weaker person the best chance to survive and it will make the younger, stronger person into an indestructible human weapon.  Your attacker will quickly learn that they messed with the wrong person.  You will end an attack within seconds using this system.  No ongoing training is necessary.  Once you learn this system it will be with you for life!

2.  My Street Fighting Secrets Revealed:  SMASH FU!…Learn to Kick Ass!  This will teach a person to win any street fight.  I caution everyone to never fight unless you’re in a life or death situation, but this system is for those that won’t listen to wise advice and cannot let go of their ego.

3.  My Unique Mixed Martial Arts Curriculum:  MMA is not self defense but is a very cool and fun sport.  MMA and all of the martial arts that go into it are a sport and I will show you a very unique curriculum that can take your amateur or professional fight career to the next level.

B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System

HOW TO KILL WITH YOUR HANDS…to survive a violent attack on yourself or your family…the only self defense lesson you will ever need!”

Learn the secret to real self defense!  This “SECRET” allows a person of any size, shape, and age to survive an attack from a larger and stronger attacker.  I will teach you this secret in the B.E.T. DVD (Click Here), in a private lesson or a live seminar.  Contact me to learn more…

Real Self Defense for Real People = Most self defense programs taught today are for the already fit, young and strong…or are overly complicated and take years and years to master and develop.  Why should you have to learn hundreds and hundreds of techniques for something that should be accomplished in just seconds (defeat an attacker)?  I have hacked, sawed and chopped all of the useless “moves” and “techniques” and am now left with just 3 things (B.E.T.)…and the best thing of all is once you learn these 3 things (B.E.T.) and combine it with the “Secret” you won’t have to practice or remember complicated martial arts “moves” ever again.  After you learn my system, you will just “react” to end the threat in just seconds.  This will be the only self defense lesson you will ever need!

My system is different!  Through my extensive research I have found that my B.E.T. Self Defense System is without a doubt the absolute best way for the unfit, older, and weak to survive an attack!  The fit, young and strong will be virtually indestructible human weapons after learning my system.

I strongly believe that my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System is the absolute fastest and easiest self defense system to learn in the entire world to defeat someone with vicious intent (murder/rape/kidnap).  I can show you everything you need to know to survive most self defense situations (murder/rape/kidnapping/gun attack/knife attack/club attack/multiple attackers, etc…) in just 1 lesson!

The main focus of this blog is to reduce violence by teaching the world how to be a lethal weapon by just using their body and brains.  This is Real Self Defense for Real People (men, women & kids).  My B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System (this is NOT martial arts) is the ultimate system to help smaller and weaker people to defeat a larger and stronger attacker(s) in a life threatening worst case scenario attack (murder/rape/kidnap/weapons).  After learning my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System (it only takes 1 lesson to learn!), you will never have to take another self defense lesson…this is the only self defense lesson you will ever need!

My other systems (street fighting secrets revealed “SMASH FU” and mixed martial arts) are different and are better utilized for the stronger and fitter individual to defend themselves if attacked in a social environment or to use in sport competition.  I will also post articles and videos that relate to nutrition, strength & conditioning training and some other random thoughts or upcoming events including seminars, film/video shoots, auditions, etc….

My main focus is to rid the world of violence by teaching everyone how to be a lethal weapon.  Instead of giving everyone a gun, I will just teach them how to become the gun using their brains and bodies.  I will also post ideas, thoughts, articles and videos on my life philosophy of “Learn to Fight, Eat Meat and Lift Heavy Sh!%”.


-My B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System:  HOW TO KILL WITH YOUR HANDS…to survive a violent attack on yourself or your family…The only self defense lesson you will ever need!:  This is NOT martial arts!  Are you willing to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family from a psychopath?  My B.E.T. system will teach you the “whatever it takes” moves and philosophy.  Most self defense systems teach you how to strike and escape…and I agree that you should do that when you can, but what happens when your child or wife is with you?  Or if you’re in the house with your family or tight quarters, such as a public restroom, etc… Are you just going to strike, escape and leave your family to suffer the revenge and torture of the attacker (or even worse, attacker’s)?  My system will teach you to finish the fight so you and your entire family/friends/loved ones will all survive.  You will learn how to survive a worst case scenario attack on yourself or your family (including multiple attackers and weapons).  This is not for the faint of heart.  Your attacker will end up in the hospital or dead.  This is a way for a smaller person to easily defeat a much larger and stronger attacker.  It can also be learned very quickly and applied the very same day if necessary.  This system is a very easy to learn, simple and focused self defense system based on the philosophy of the book How to Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life by Tim Larkin and Chris Ranck-Buhr.  This book however does not teach you the techniques on how to survive, but the philosophy of why you need to meet violence with violence when you or your family are facing a real world life threatening situation.  The techniques to survive are taught in his live seminars which run around $2,000 for the weekend + expenses and have upwards of 30-40 people in attendance (and by the way it is well worth the money)…see more at Target Focus Training.com.  I feel that my variation of their philosophy (B.E.T.) is faster to learn and much easier to remember in the real world if a life threatening situation (murder, rape, kidnapping, weapons, multiple attackers, etc…) is thrust upon you or your loved ones.  I can teach you how to survive and protect your family in just a few hours using my unique and focused teaching/training method.

-Street Fighting Secrets Revealed:  SMASH FU!…Learn to Kick Ass!:  This is my combatives system.  I teach the 10 best street fighting techniques adapted from the best combatives and martial arts instructors from around the world (Gracie, Ross, Anderson, Grannon, Vunak, McCann, Franco, Christensen and more…).  You should be in decent shape and fairly strong to best utilize this system.

-Mixed Martial Arts (MMA):  See more at FreeMMASchool.com.  I have a unique mma curriculum that I teach to both beginning and professional fighters.  Including my very unique mma program called Vital Targets for MMA.


Paleo style nutrition….if you eat a meat & vegetable based diet (Davids Diet) you will achieve your goal weight and reduce your chance for disease caused by sugar, grains and processed “Frankenfoods”.


Functional strength & conditioning programs…build your strength & conditioning using the functional lifts such as squats, deadlifts and presses (starting very light and building up slowly as your tendons, joints and muscles adapt) as your main lifts with added accessory lifts depending on your own personal goals and genetics.  When I talk about “Lifting Heavy Sh!%” I mean for the regular/normal gym goer…not the specialist power lifter.

I am available for seminars, special appearances, promotions, interviews, private lessons, and unique fight choreography for film and video.  If I can be of help, let me know.

Do you need a World Famous and Fun Personality at your event?  Contact me to be a special guest or speaker.

Contact me at coachalexander@gmail.com


Weapons Defense and Retention Flyer.pdf (Featuring my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System):  This is a new, unique and specialized offshoot of the 1 Lesson Self Defense program.

RAPE PROOF Seminar Flyer.pdf (Featuring my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System):  “How to defeat a rapist and survive a violent attack”  Self Defense for Women Only.

SMASH FU!…Street Fight Bootcamp Seminar:  “Street Fighting Secrets Revealed” SMASH FU!…Learn to Kick Ass!

Bully Proof Bootcamp Flyer.pdf:  “How to stop bullying without violence”  Use your brain and not your fists!


Free MMA School.com:  Be Different! Fight Smart! The Most Unique MMA Curriculum in the World….and it’s FREE!

Vital Targets for MMA.com:  The Future of MMA!  Learn it now or get left behind!


Director/Creative Consultant/Writer, Unique Fight Choreography for Film and Video, Creative Consultant

“Great life saving tools that I hope I never have to use.  I feel more confident having this information.  Thank you so much!!!  Kim G.

“That lecture was great and very informative and also funny at the same time.  I feel that I finally have the tools to defend myself if I ever have to, even though I just listened and watched.”  Sherri T.

“I have never seen anything like this!  I have studied martial arts for self defense my entire life and now feel like it was a waste of time.  I learned more in this 1 class about “real self defense” then all my martial arts and military training combined.  All I have to say is “WOW!”  Brian S.

“I feel that I am a human weapon after this class.  Thanks Coach David for telling us the truth about real self defense.”  Sean S.

“Wow!  I’ve taken self defense classes before and have been to “safety” seminars, but this blows them all away!  It’s refreshing to hear Coach David tell it like it is without sugar-coating!  The “secret” that Coach David showed us was mind-blowing, but yet so simple, that I know I could defend myself if attacked.  I’m bringing my daughter to the next one for sure.”   Lisa A.

“Thank you so much for the class tonight.  I think every Realtor should have attended. If you ever decided to do it again, I will tell everyone I know to attend.  The best spent hour of my life!!! (actually it may have just saved my life)”  Diane N.

“Great Eye Opener”  Sheri R.

“WOW, I am totally amazed by what I learned.  It seems so easy and yet very effective”  Amish P. 

“This class was very informative, gives you confidence about protecting yourself and how to survive if attacked.  It was very enjoyable and was very life altering.”  Kris E.

“That was the best private lesson that I’ve ever taken….with the economy getting worse and worse, I was starting to fear for myself and family.”  Paul Y.

“I learned more on how to defend myself from a violent attack in 90 minutes, then I’ve learned in 3 years of taking mixed martial arts classes.”  Krys R.

“Great Seminar!  Funny and learning at the same time”  Keissy E.

“This was fabulous!  Such useful information and demo.  I feel much more confident!”  Diane F.

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