Porkfest Breakfast Casserole

18-24 Eggs
8-10 oz. Shredded Cheese
1 Lb. Bacon
4 oz. Ham (diced)
4 oz. Sausage (diced)
8 oz. Sour Cream
4 oz. Milk
Lawry’s Salt
Add a layer of cheese slices on top
Bake at 325 for 45 minutes
Let cool on a cooling rack

Son Tries to Take on the Old Man

My 14-year-old son decided that today was the day to take on the old man. So we strapped on the gloves put down the mats and let the fists fly. Let’s see what happens.

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New Testimonial!

Hi David,

James sent you a message…

Hi David, I have a number of Target Focus Training dvds which I really like, and I must say your course is the best. You break down the essence of that self defense system into three most useful targets. You also have a gift of understanding real attacks and what does and does not work in self defense.

Thanks, James.  I agree!!

Lesson 18 “Kill or Be Killed”

The host for my online course deemed this lesson subject matter as too violent and against their “new” policy. So I am giving it away for free. If you would like to watch the other 36 lessons then go to http://www.SelfDefenseMadeRealEasy.com and check it out. Coach David

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One Punch One Kill! The real “Death Touch”…plus a FREE Lesson!

Is there such a thing as a “death touch”? In this video I describe what a real death touch is. Throughout history martial arts have claimed a secret “death touch” which has also been described as one punch one kill or even Dim Mak as seen in the Bloodsport movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. In all of my research I have never found a true “death touch”, but I am going to show you how a single punch can kill, and how you can survive this devastating blow. To learn more check out http://www.SelfDefenseMadeRealEasy.com and join over 150 students in just the last two months. Thanks, Coach David

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Another 5 Star Review for SDMRE!

5 Stars!

Very clear explanations and demonstrations at a good delivery pace.

Brian D.

Another 5 Star Testimonial for SDMRE

5 Stars!

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Simple and effective

Having looked at several self defense courses, this is the most practical and effective I’ve seen for anyone who isn’t trying to dedicate their lives to learning martial arts. Deadly, and hopefully never to be used, it gives a real life look at what self defense is, and what you can do. I highly recommend it.  Leif N.

Question from a SDMRE student, and my answer

Here is a question I received from one of my online students from my 38 lesson course “Self Defense Made Real Easy”  See more here:  http://www.SelfDefenseMadeRealEasy.com

I have signed up over 50 students in the last 11 days alone, don’t be the last to learn this system.  The fastest to learn and most effective self defense system in the world!  My system has been watched in over 60 different countries and counting!

Ian S.

2 hours ago

Hi Coach.

It’s a good realistic system that I know will work. I hope I never have to use it.

Just a couple of questions:

How do you rotate when they are behind you? Do you just spin around or do you step to the side?

If somebody was to stick a knife into your back, wouldn’t the shock stop you reacting in the way you teach? I am thinking that it would make you freeze and therefore be open to further stabs.

Best wishes,



Ian, thanks for the question. You need to step back and into the attacker while rotating towards them and smashing a target. As I mention in the course, you need to take their space “the secret”. As far as getting stabbed in the back, most people feel like it’s a punch and not a stab. No one can predict how your body will react to the stab.  Remember, the assassin and sniper are out of our control.   If the attacker is lucky enough to sever your spine, you’re dead meat. Hopefully you get the chance to react by moving into your attacker, taking their space, and start the target, reaction, target system to flow. I hope this helps. Coach David

Another great testimonial for Self Defense Made Real Easy!

I LOVVVVVVE Your Course coached David. Turned a regular man like me into John Reese ”person of interest” potential lol. Seriously best $100 dollars I ever spent in my family and I. Thank you my friend. Sorry I gave you a hard time and was ”that customer” lol You changed our lives and saved them.  Sherrick D.

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Glock 23 -.40 cal to 9mm conversion in under 13 seconds by SelfDefenseShooter.com

In this video I am going to show you how to convert a Glock 23 .40 caliber handgun into a 9mm handgun with a simple barrel change. I am also going for a personal “world record” of the process. I do this in 12.96 seconds. It’s not really a world record, but I was just having some fun. You can buy 9mm barrels from GlockStore.com or LoneWolfdist.com. You can also find them on eBay or Amazon. Not all .40 calibers can be converted to 9mm, so make sure you research before you buy a new barrel. Also, keep in mind that you will want to purchase new 9mm magazines for your new rig. The .40 caliber magazines can hold 9mm ammunition, but I find that the gun tends to malfunction quite often, especially if you use cheap ammo like I do (hint hint to ammo sponsors). Once again, go ahead and spend the money on some new 9mm magazines. I bought mine from GlockStore.com and am very happy with my purchase. You don’t want to be in a life or death gun fight and not have the best equipment to survive. Why did I do a conversion instead of just buying a separate 9mm handgun you ask??? Because another handgun would cost hundreds more! I feel like I have two handguns for the price of an extra barrel and some magazines (I spent about $150 total). Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave a question in the comments and I will do my best to answer. Have an idea for a video? Leave that in the comments too. Thanks, Coach David Alexander (http://www.SelfDefenseShooter.com)

Asian Boyz Gang – Real World B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System Example

WARNING!!! This video is violent and involves death. Viewer discretion is advised. In this video I breakdown the Asian Boyz Wah Ching Shooting and the death of gang member “Kicker” shot by “China Dog”. I am going to show you how the gang member, Kicker, could have survived this shootout. For one, he should never have let every one know he had a gun. He ended up getting taken down, having the gun taken away and then murdered by his own gun. I am going to demonstrate how Kicker failed in his attempt to take out the shooter and what he should have done if he knew my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System (learn online at http://www.SelfDefenseMadeRealEasy.com). Kicker should never have tried to tackle China Dog. For one Kicker was smaller than China Dog and didn’t commit. My method involves taking out the true weapon of the attacker (the brain) by gouging the shooters eyes out and slamming his head into the concrete. At that point Kicker could have retrieved his own gun in order to defend himself and his friends/gang members. I definitely do not support this gang or even Kicker, I am just using this video as an example of what happens if you don’t know real self defense. Comments?

Disclaimer: Don’t ever do what I teach, you will kill someone!

Double Tap by Self Defense Shooter.com

B.E.T. Grandma!

Dont worry