(HD) Smash Fu Private Lesson by Coach David Alexander

I have handpicked 10 of the absolute best street fighting techniques, that I call SMASH FU!  These techniques have been proven to work in real fights and come from the best combatives instructors and self defense experts from around the world.  These techniques are not found in your local dojo or mixed martial arts schools.  These techniques are serious fight finishers and will give you the ultimate advantage in any street fight.  You will learn all you need to know to win a street fight in just one day.  I will teach you these devastating “Ass Kicking” techniques and also show you how to practice them at home.  The at home practice methods are a great way to increase your strength and conditioning while simultaneously internalizing your newly learned street fighting techniques.  Keep it simple and “Kick Some Ass!”



“…end the fight in 4 seconds, not three (5) minute rounds.” 

“…that was the SCARIEST and COOLEST seminar that I have ever attended…
…it was also the ABSOLUTE BEST that I have ever attended!”  Teri R.  (Mother of two and Future Ass Kicker!)

Do you want to learn to win every fight?  Do you want UNLIMITED CONFIDENCE?  Do you want to FEAR NO ONE?  Then attend my SMASH FU! Street Fight Bootcamp and YOU WILL HAVE IT!  DVD COMING SOON!

 “I have hand-picked the 10 most devastating street fighting techniques (SMASH FU!), which are the fastest and easiest to learn and use, even if you’re out of shape!”  Coach David Alexander

Learn and Practice 10 “ASS KICKING” SMASH FU! Street Fighting Techniques plus Some Super Cool Bonuses!

Technique #1:  How to stop the fight before it ever happens.
Technique #2:  End the fight in less than 4 seconds with this ASS KICKING move! (Outlawed in the UFC).
Technique #3:  Use this lightning fast technique to hasten a quick escape.
Technique #4:  Collapse your attacker by scrambling his brain using this technique.
Technique #5:  Use this strike to cause massive soft tissue damage to your attacker while avoiding damage to yourself.
Technique #6:  Leave high flying spin kicks to Hollywood; I will show you the two kicks that actually matter in a real fight.
Technique #7:  Devastate your attacker and have him quivering in a pool of his own urine with a blow to these two very specific targets.
Technique #8:  Smash one of these into your attacker and turn his lights out, while you casually walk away.
Technique #9:  How to take your attacker off guard using just two fingers and make him scream for his mother.
Technique #10:  Turn the toughest street thug into a bloody whimpering mouse with these Down and Dirty Fighting Techniques (not for the faint of heart).

Each SMASH FU! Street Fight Bootcamp also includes these BONUSES!:

Bonus Training #1:  How to avoid being shot by a gun, stabbed by a knife or beaten with a club plus how to shoot a gun, stab with a knife and beat someone with a club.,
Bonus Training #2:  Chokes & Strangles plus How to avoid getting Choked or Strangled.,
Bonus Training #3:  Takedowns that slam the attacker to the ground but keep you standing.,
Bonus Training #4:  Ground Fighting for the street (not sport!).,
Bonus Training #5:  Cool pain causing moves just to mess with your friends.

Each SMASH FU! Street Fight Bootcamp lasts around 6 hours a day for 2 days.  The cost is $3,000 includes all travel expenses (international travel is $5,000).  Split the investment among friends or take all the time for yourself.  Each attendee will receive a SMASH FU! Street Fight Bootcamp Certificate of Completion.   As always, I offer a 100% Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee!  For more info or to book your SMASH FU! Street Fight Bootcamp email Coach David Alexander, coachalexander @

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