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Another satisfied convert to B.E.T.

“David thank goodness I found you for your bet system the best self defence I ever owned I got like thousands of street fight DVDs and I kept buying them because I kept thinking there was something better but now that I found your system I don’t have to buy no more hey let me know if you come out with some new DVDs thanks again.”  Michael M.

Another B.E.T. testimonial from Singapore

Hi Coach,

The concept of target-based is very interesting and I believe it to be highly effective. I have no formal martial art training but have been learning it from books and videotapes for the last 20 years. My busy work schedule doesn’t allow me to attend a martial arts school or have a regular sparring partner so I train alone most of the time. The BET suits me coz it is concept-based rather then technique-based so I know I can effectively apply it despite not have a training partner. I have witnessed some real fights before, involved in two street fights myself (won both of them) and avoided a couple more, hence, I know a system works if I see one and I can say BET is one of them.

I’ve watched Sammy Franco, Richard Dimitri and Tim Larkin’s stuff but I think you have done a good job compacting the stuffs into something a common folk can learn in less than an hour. I find the first dvd most useful while the second dvd kind of reinforce the concepts.  Thanks, Alvin C. (Singapore)