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Ask Coach David: How do I strike the vagus nerve? #1 (hands)

WARNING: You should never use what I teach unless you’re in a life or death situation! If you had a gun, would you pull the trigger? Actually, don’t ever use what I teach…you will kill someone!

In this episode of “Ask Coach David” I show a vagus nerve strike using my hands & forearm as the tool.

What is the Vagus Nerve?  ”The vagus nerve is a cranial nerve that also affects heart rate and blood pressure.  When the Vagus nerve is struck it creates avaso-vagal reaction causing an immediate change in the central nervous system and a person will immediately have syncope which is a fancy word for passing out.”
You can use this strike from any direction.  Try not to get bogged down thinking of a technique, just smash the vagus nerve (side of neck), through a tool (forearm, hammer fist, edge of hand) with enough force to cause a somatic reflex or for them to end up unconscious, incapacitated or dead.
Remember, you would only use my system if you had no other choice to survive the encounter/attack.  My system is violence!  You will need to be more violent than your attacker.  Your attacker is not going to try and “fight” you, they are trying to kill you.  Are you going to let that happen?
As I always say “When you’re in a fight for your life, you had better know how to win!”  Coach David Alexander
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B.E.T. Self Defense Practice with BOB (Throat Strikes)

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Move your body weight into each strike. Literally launch your body forward into the strike.

B.E.T. Self Defense System (Behind the Scenes) #1

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WARNING! Don’t ever do this, you will kill someone!!!

“MARTIAL ARTS MYTHS” Behind the Scenes…You are watching raw and unedited footage of a quick behind the scenes look at the making of my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System “The only self defense lesson you will ever need!” How to survive a worst case scenario attack on yourself or your family. The actual DVD footage uses a much better camera with better lighting and close ups. Coming Soon!

Real Self Defense Practice with World Famous Self Defense Expert Coach David Alexander

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BOB practice on ground. Throat smashes, hammer fists and eye gouges.  Make sure you drop your body weight into each strike.
WARNING! Don’t ever do this, you will kill someone!!! Neck break from behind

Also posted on  This is not a technique that we would normally use in the B.E.T. Self Defense System.  It would only be used if you were a larger defender against a much smaller attacker.

WARNING!!! What I teach will seriously injure or even kill. These techniques should only be used in a life threatening worst case scenario. If you’re uneasy about taking someone’s life to save your own or someone you love, then this is not the system for you. Go home, board up your windows, lock your doors, buy a few pit bulls, drudge a moat and NEVER, EVER GO OUTSIDE! You must stop when you feel that the threat is neutralized in the eyes of the law. You are responsible for knowing your states self defense laws.

Want to learn more? I will be working on a DVD soon or you can schedule a private or group lesson. I can come to you or you can come to me. sample video for the 1 Lesson Self Defense DVD. I will expand and offer a DVD or video download when it is finished. Thanks for watching! Coach David Alexander (World Famous Self Defense Expert)