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B.E.T. Self Defense Practice with BOB (Throat Strikes)

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Move your body weight into each strike. Literally launch your body forward into the strike. Power Uppercut with BOB by Coach David Alexander

How to throw a power uppercut or power 5 or power 6.  Also how to throw an uppercut like Mike Tyson (see me and Mike on the Pictures page).  The trick in throwing a powerful uppercut is in the body coil and legs.  You need to wind up like a spring and uncoil driving up through the legs and finally the power coming out the fist.  Try it in your next sparring match and see if you feel the added power.  Be Different — Train Smart!  By your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander Super Sneaky Pacquiao Punch with BOB by Coach David Alexander

Have you ever watched Manny Pacquiao fight?  What a great experience and opportunity to learn.  If you could have his boxing expertise transferred to MMA you would definitely have an advantage over the amateurishly skilled boxers in MMA.  Here is a punch that I watch him do that people are not commenting on.  Here is one of his secret weapons.  Watch some YouTube vids of Manny P. and see if you notice when he throws this punch.  He pretty much lands it at will.  Try it in your next fight or sparring match and let me know how it goes in the comments section.  Be Different — Train Smart!  By your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander O.C. Hook with BOB by Coach David Alexander

Here is an O.C. Hook or the Original Combo “O.C.” plus a hook. It is also a 1, 2, 3 combo or a jab, cross and hook combo. Solar plexus strike for self defense and mma

WARNING! Never do this, you will kill someone!

Push your hand in his face and when the attacker or opponent opens up the solar plexus, you would smash your heel palm (tip of ulna or Styloid Process) into the solar plexus. For the mma fighter you would punch through the solar plexus (affecting the liver/gall bladder/diaphragm) or you could even use a palm strike which I think is an under utilized tool in mma. Your Virtual MMA Coach and World Famous Self Defense Expert Coach David Alexander

Solar Plexus Strike by Megumi Fujii (see more here