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Unmarked Gunship Helicopter in Lake Havasu

This fully armed military helicopter came in to copper canyon (Lake Havasu City) and buzzed the tourists that were in their boats. It’s hard to tell from the video how close this helicopter was to us. You could see the military personnel manning the guns. Are boating tourists a new training protocol for the military? One boat had their bimini top broken due to the high winds from the rotors and all the boats were dangerously pushed towards the rocks. My sons were on the rocks at the time and were afraid of getting blown off the rocks. You can see my boys on the cliffs at the end of the video. When they got back to the boat they wanted to leave because they were unsure of what just happened. I told them that it was a training exercise to calm the situation, but what the hell….military! Don’t you have millions of acres of federal land to practice on???? Why did this military aircraft come so close to the public? What if something went wrong? Any comments?