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Row Training with Coach David Alexander

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This is a unique kind of barbell row. The gym I train at (Xtreme Fitness San Juan Island) has a t-bar row but the receiving end for the weights is too small. I would need to put on 45’s and then the range of motion will suffer. So this was my solution. I put on 35’s so I can add weight and still get a good range of motion. I needed to weight one side of the barbell or it would rise off the ground (see in video). I do this lift once a week and add 5 pounds every time. Have fun! Coach David Alexander How to set up a pull up assistance band in a squat cage.

Set the safety bars to the height that will give you enough resistance to do 10 chin ups (palms facing in).  Stretch the band so that is attaches to both safety bars.  Step on and start your chin ups!  You can increase the resistance by lowering the band or using a thinner resistance band.  We do this as part of our warm up.  Coach David Alexander How to set up a pull up/chin up assistance band in a squat cage.