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logov21 Suprasternal Notch Takedown

WARNING! Never do this, you will kill someone!

Street Fight Bootcamp Seminar Sample:

A pain move to mess with your friends.  This can also work against a bad guy if you follow it up with another targeted strike such as a knee to throat or hammer fist to balls.  Suprasternal notch or Sternoclavicular joint/notch takedown. Insert two fingers into the notch and push in and down. This will cause major pain and a quick takedown. My philosophy is 1. Avoid 2. Escape 3. Deceive to Escape 4. Neutralize when all else fails. See more at

Quick throat strike to escape by Coach David

WARNING!  Never do this, you will kill someone!

Street Fight Bootcamp Seminar Sample:

Sometimes we need to stay and finish the fight (kids in the house, you’re with your wife, daughter, friends, etc….), but other times you can escape.  My philosophy is 1.  Avoid  2.  Escape  3.  Deceive to Escape  4.  Neutralize when all else fails.  See more at