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Why Did Ronda Rousey Lose UFC 207? I show you exactly how…

In this video, I am going to show you how I think Ronda Rousey lost UFC 207. I also give you a chance to punch me in the face! Make sure to watch till the very end. I usually add additional clips and bloopers. Thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe. Coach David

2017 Epic Q&A with Funny Clips and more…

2017 Epic Q&A including
Funny Clips, Rants,
Haters, Awesome
Self Defense Tips + BOB…

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Welcome to my Epic 2017 Q & A viewer comments video!
In this video, I answer viewer comments, go on some rants,
pick apart haters and show some really cool self defense
moves.  I hope you like it.  With your help, we can explode
this channel in 2017!  I need you to share the video, like
the video, comment on the video and most of all…subscribe
to my channel.  Thanks, Coach David