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Another B.E.T. testimonial from Singapore

Hi Coach,

The concept of target-based is very interesting and I believe it to be highly effective. I have no formal martial art training but have been learning it from books and videotapes for the last 20 years. My busy work schedule doesn’t allow me to attend a martial arts school or have a regular sparring partner so I train alone most of the time. The BET suits me coz it is concept-based rather then technique-based so I know I can effectively apply it despite not have a training partner. I have witnessed some real fights before, involved in two street fights myself (won both of them) and avoided a couple more, hence, I know a system works if I see one and I can say BET is one of them.

I’ve watched Sammy Franco, Richard Dimitri and Tim Larkin’s stuff but I think you have done a good job compacting the stuffs into something a common folk can learn in less than an hour. I find the first dvd most useful while the second dvd kind of reinforce the concepts.  Thanks, Alvin C. (Singapore)