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Self Defense Shooting “Groucho Walk”

In this video I am showing you what my firearms instructor calls the “Groucho Walk” because Groucho Marx would have a silly heel toe, heel toe walk. It is a great walking method to stay balanced while shooting. This specific walk allows you to glide over unfamiliar terrain while keeping your eyes on your target. There are probably many different names for this style of walking/shooting. I hope you enjoy.

Hammer Fists for Street Fighting and Self Defense by Coach David Alexander

In this video I am going to show you what targets to strike with your hammer fist(s). I believe that the target is more important than the technique. Therefore, regardless of the technique you use, if you don’t strike/smash a target that will cause damage or a somatic reflex on your attacker then you’re just “punching meat”. Some of the targets I discuss are the bridge of the nose, collar bone, solar plexus, pelvic plexus, groin, trachea, vagus nerve, eyes, liver and spleen. I also show some video clips of these targets being struck. Some of these clips are pretty graphic so be warned. I also show you a partial clip of a lesson from my online self defense program “Self Defense Made Real Easy”, see at This lesson talks about one punch knockouts and the unintended consequences of street fighting. Please subscribe, like, comment & share. Thanks, Coach David

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