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1000 Pound Club. I Did It!!!

In this video I finally hit the 1000-Pound Club! At 46 years old, I really didn’t think I had a chance to achieve this goal. I just stuck to my training program and finally made it! I normally don’t flat bench because i have a torn labrum, but have been using a new muscle treatment product I recently developed on my shoulder and low back and I actually broke 5 new records this week. The 1000-Pound club totals are Deadlift = 410, Squat = 325, Bench = 265 for a grand total of 1000 pounds. The other personal records I achieved this week are: 175 Overhead Press, 225 Power Clean, 225 Push Press and a 240 Incline Bench. This has been a great week. Thanks for the support! Coach David Alexander (1000-Pound Club Member).

Self Defense interview on ABC News Amarillo

Another “How To Kill With Your Hands” DVD Set Testimonial!

“Hi coach, i thoroughly enjoyed watching the dvds,so simple yet so effective,easy to learn,i have been watching them every day and practicing with my brother and on the punchbags. this is truly a proper extreme self defence system when there is no other way out, the area i live in is rapidly becoming a bad place to venture out after dark as there as been a lot of gang attacks on people on there own for no other reason than happy slapping and lots of people being hospitalized but only last saturday two young men were attacked and are both critically ill in hospital one has suffered severe brain damage. this area clearly needs something like your system on offer to the genuine good people who are sick of this regular happening all you get from the local police force is dont venture out after 8-9 pm for your own safety because they havent got the manpower,sorry for droaning on anyway i love the system its pholosophy,its directness and the weapon defence made total sense, i tried this with brother and have not been stabbed more than twice, its brilliant dont focus on the weapon in his hand, or tool as you rightly say, and just go for the real weapon his brain,i would totally reccomend this system and the dvds to anyone who wants a fighting chance in dangerous situations, brilliant work coach, well thought out, 3 targets continue to use 1 target to open another target etc. easy to remember,easy to train with extreme care, and easy to train with maximum force and intent against bags,pads,etc. i thank you for the well produced and easy to understand principles of this great system, i look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts on my somewhat rambling review, gud health, steve.” ¬†Steven H. ¬†United Kingdom