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Self Defense Shooter “Step Back Quick Draw”

In this video I am showing you how to step back and fire in an up close and personal self defense situation. If you have a gun (“tool”) readily available than you might as well use it. As long as you’re trained to fire a gun responsibly then you can multiply your self defense skills by using a “tool extender” such as a gun, knife or bat. Do not try to use a gun if you’re not trained! All you will be doing is supplying a bad buy with a gun! If you have any questions, please put them in the comments and I will do my best t answer. Thanks, Coach David

Self Defense Shooting “Groucho Walk”

In this video I am showing you what my firearms instructor calls the “Groucho Walk” because Groucho Marx would have a silly heel toe, heel toe walk. It is a great walking method to stay balanced while shooting. This specific walk allows you to glide over unfamiliar terrain while keeping your eyes on your target. There are probably many different names for this style of walking/shooting. I hope you enjoy.

Toddler instinctively knows B.E.T.!


This is how simple my Self Defense System is!  You don’t have to learn a million techniques to defend yourself from an attack.  All you need to know is a target and how to get to the target.  That is what my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System will show you.  Check out the online version at

Guns-Hitler - The Dollar Vigilante

3 Gun Fun plus Quick Draw for Self Defense with a bonus blooper

My son is practicing his “directing” and video production, so we decided to film our range time. Even though I am a hand to hand expert, if I can get to a “Tool Extender” (gun, knife, bat) I am going to use it to save my life or the lives of others.

In this video I am practicing doing “3 Gun” shooting. Basically 3 Gun uses an AR-15 Rifle, Full Size Handgun and a Tactical Shotgun (usually with high end optics). In this video I use my Ruger 10/22 rifle, my Compact Glock 23 handgun and a Beretta shotgun designed for skeet shooting. It was a lot of fun. You will also see my youngest son use the same .22 rifle, and his Walther P22 handgun, but didn’t want to shoot the .12 guage shotgun, so we exchanged the camera and I finished the round.

The next part of the video, I am practicing my quick draw for self defense. In my opinion, whoever gets lead on their target first has the best chance of surviving a life & death situation.

Then at the very end I show a funny moment.

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Another B.E.T. Testimonial

So here’s the biggest difference between Krav Maga/ Israeli Combat system and your system….they teach to hurt and get away. That doesn’t work when your with your kids and wife. In one of your videos, you stated this and it really clicked.
Your system and TFT are the only systems that shut that human piece of garbage down. I agree, there is nothing better. The more I watch, the more I practice, the more I get it and the more I realize how flawed all the other systems are.


Self Defense Tactical Shooting by Paterson Tactical Consulting

My wife (Dr. Lisa), our friend Dr. Murray and I just finished a 6 hour Self Defense Tactical Shooting course by Rick Paterson of Paterson Tactical Consulting, Parker, AZ. It was great. My wife had never received professional firearm training until now. I am happy to say that I think she is finally a gun enthusiast like myself. Yes, of course, I am an expert in hand to hand training, but I would never pass up a chance for a “tool extender” such as a gun, knife or bat to help finish the job.

We learned so many things today including, safety, tactical & speed reloads, movement drills, drills and when the sun finally went down, we practiced night shooting and flashlight shooting. We also did a bunch of close quarters shooting as you can see in the video. I would like to say thanks to Rick Paterson and Paterson Tactical Consulting for putting together such a great training program and traveling to Lake Havasu just for us.

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Hangover Recovery Spray Plus Liver Protection

Small Batch Labs Hangover 2015-12-18 10.56.09Retired bartender and professional drinker reveals the
ultimate secret to hangover recovery!

Buy NOW!  Coach David’s All-Natural Hangover Recovery Spray Plus Liver Protection.™ (4 oz. Bottle) $9.95 + S&H

*100% Money Back Guarantee!

Don’t let your night of fun ruin your whole day! Spray On – Rub In – Get Relief.

How many people love to drink? Now, how many people love the hangover you get afterwards? No one, right. I have come up with a solution to this problem. Dr. Jason Burke, M.D., (an anesthesiologist who has treated over 20,000 hangovers.) has figured out that hangovers are caused by:

• Mineral depletion
• Inflammation/oxidative stress (lack of antioxidants)
• Toxins
• Low sugar (drink orange juice in the morning)
• Dehydration (drink water before going to bed, in the morning and throughout the day)

Now with my product I have solved this issue by replenishing vital minerals & antioxidants (electrolytes) while helping remove toxins from your liver. Coach David’s All-Natural Hangover Recovery Spray Plus Liver Protection™ is specifically formulated to deliver vital minerals, antioxidants & liver detoxifiers through the skin (the bodies largest organ), bypassing the gastrointestinal tract for convenient, rapid absorption into the cells helping you recover super-fast while protecting your liver from toxins.

My product is super easy to use. Just spray and massage in a few squirts on your forehead, back of neck, chest and arms to absorb the finest minerals, antioxidants and liver protection ingredients in the world (we get our ingredients from the best natural sources in the world).

Why do I spray it on my skin? Your skin is your bodies largest organ and whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into the cells. Transdermal application is designed to deliver minerals through the skin, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract for convenient, rapid absorption into the cells.

New Product! Magma Rub – Instant Low Back & Knee Pain Relief

Small Batch Labs Magma Rub 2015-12-08 10.25.55BUY NOW!  Instant Low Back & Knee Pain Relief  (4 oz.) by Small Batch Labs  Only $15.95


-Doctor Recommended-

“The heat that heals” Dr. A. Murray
“Relief for hours” Dr. R. Schnabl
“Hurts so good!”  Dr. L. Alexander


For Instant and Long Lasting Low Back & Knee Pain Relief

Coach David’s (Doctor Recommended) All-Natural MAGMA RUB
for *Serious Pain Relief + Joint Treatment.  Magma Rub is a cream that you will squirt onto your low back, knee or any joint/muscle that is in pain.  Simply massage the cream into the affected area and get instant and long lasting relief.  This stuff works so great.  I formulated it to work on my lower back to help relieve tension & pain after lifting weights.  My wife (Dr. Lisa) uses it on her knees before and after playing pickleball and she swears by it.  Her friend Dr. R. Schnabl used it on a sprained ankle and told me that she had immediate relief and was walking a lot better the next day.  The overwhelming testimonials I receive from people using this product is amazing.  I think you will love it too!  You have nothing to lose and pain free living to gain since I offer a 100% money back guarantee.  Thanks, Coach David (Master Formulator for Small Batch Labs)

See testimonial video at Small Batch

Magma Rub doesn’t just mask the pain, it helps heal the area that is causing the pain with all natural ingredients.  This is the best on the market!  Try it today.  

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Suggested Use:  SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE!  Massage into affected area.  The heating/cooling sensation can last for 60 min. or even longer.  Wash hands immediately after application or use glove. Store above 70 degrees for best results.
Updated Ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, Menthol, Methyl Salicylate, Arnica Montana, Camphor, St. John’s Wort, MSM, DMSO, Soya Lecithin, Propylene Glycol
WARNING:  Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and nose.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


I started a new company!

small batch labs white background .jpg

Small Batches, Fresher Ingredients, Better Results

Check out the products that I’ve developed for my new company!  I couldn’t have done this without everyone’s support.  Thanks, Coach David

The following two products are available now.  I have several other products coming soon.

Small Batch Labs RLS 2015-12-07 18.04.54BUY NOW! Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) Relief Spray (4 oz. bottle) by Small Batch Labs Only $14.95


Small Batch Labs Leg Cramp 2015-12-08 09.56.51BUY NOW!  Leg & Foot Cramp Relief Spray (4 oz.) by Small Batch Labs  Only $14.95



Products Coming Soon:  (I do have some of these ready to ship if you are interested.  Contact me at if you would like to purchase.)

MAGMA RUB – Serious Pain Relief for Muscles & Joints

JOINT JUICE – Arthritis Joint Pain Relief & Treatment

HANGOVER RECOVERY SPRAY Plus Liver Protection – Replenishes vital electrolytes & Antioxidants lost through drinking, while protecting your liver from toxins.

MUSCLE PREP (Pre-Workout Spray) – Helps warm up muscle & joints before a workout.

MUSCLE & SYSTEM REPAIR (Post Workout Spray) – Helps to rapidly repair muscle and joints torn down by a strenuous workout.

TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER – A unique formulation that can naturally boost your testosterone levels by up to 30%!

ACID REFLUX RELIEF POWDER/or LIQUID – Finally an All-Natural Acid Reflux Remedy that really works!