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New Review by an infantry veteran…

New review for my online self defense course… by Ryan Johnson

‘I have studied self defense for years. I’m an infantry veteran with combat training and experience. If you are wanting to protect yourself please review this course before taking anything else. I have wasted years training to defend myself and I could of spent 4 hours and not thousands of dollars. This man put all my doubts to rest. I used to train under professionals and they all act like their style is undefeatable. Let me tell you, this style would defeat theirs in a quarter heart beat. Krav maga, bjj, mma, savate, systema, jkd, wing chun, etc are like children’s books compared to this hbo special. Though this is not sport fighting of any kind it is a sure way to ensure you and your loved ones live another day. After this course you won’t need a gun, you will be the gun. Watch start to finish then criticize, don’t judge by what you see in the demo… You have only just begun to understand your potential and how powerful one man really is, in just a couple of hours.”

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