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-Glock 23 -.40 cal to 9mm conversion in under 13 seconds by

In this video I am going to show you how to convert a Glock 23 .40 caliber handgun into a 9mm handgun with a simple barrel change. I am also going for a personal “world record” of the process. I do this in 12.96 seconds. It’s not really a world record, but I was just having some fun. You can buy 9mm barrels from or You can also find them on eBay or Amazon. Not all .40 calibers can be converted to 9mm, so make sure you research before you buy a new barrel. Also, keep in mind that you will want to purchase new 9mm magazines for your new rig. The .40 caliber magazines can hold 9mm ammunition, but I find that the gun tends to malfunction quite often, especially if you use cheap ammo like I do (hint hint to ammo sponsors). Once again, go ahead and spend the money on some new 9mm magazines. I bought mine from and am very happy with my purchase. You don’t want to be in a life or death gun fight and not have the best equipment to survive. Why did I do a conversion instead of just buying a separate 9mm handgun you ask??? Because another handgun would cost hundreds more! I feel like I have two handguns for the price of an extra barrel and some magazines (I spent about $150 total). Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave a question in the comments and I will do my best to answer. Have an idea for a video? Leave that in the comments too. Thanks, Coach David Alexander (

-Double Tap by Self Defense

-Gun People vs. Hand to Hand People by Self Defense Shooter

In this video I try to explain that gun people and hand to hand self defense people do not need to be mutually exclusive. I feel you are not a complete self defense person if you don’t know both. What happens if you don’t have your gun? Are you just going to give up? Or what happens if you’re in a situation when a gun, knife or bat would be of a tremendous benefit to save your life or the lives of others, but all you know is hand to hand? Subscribe, Comment, Like & Share. Thanks, Coach David

-Self Defense Shooter “Step Back Quick Draw”

In this video I am showing you how to step back and fire in an up close and personal self defense situation. If you have a gun (“tool”) readily available than you might as well use it. As long as you’re trained to fire a gun responsibly then you can multiply your self defense skills by using a “tool extender” such as a gun, knife or bat. Do not try to use a gun if you’re not trained! All you will be doing is supplying a bad buy with a gun! If you have any questions, please put them in the comments and I will do my best t answer. Thanks, Coach David

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-Self Defense Shooter “Groucho Walk”

In this video I am showing you what my firearms instructor calls the “Groucho Walk” because Groucho Marx would have a silly heel toe, heel toe walk. It is a great walking method to stay balanced while shooting. This specific walk allows you to glide over unfamiliar terrain while keeping your eyes on your target. There are probably many different names for this style of walking/shooting. I hope you enjoy.

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-3 Gun Fun plus Quick Draw for Self Defense with a bonus blooper

My son is practicing his “directing” and video production, so we decided to film our range time. Even though I am a hand to hand expert, if I can get to a “Tool Extender” (gun, knife, bat) I am going to use it to save my life or the lives of others.

In this video I am practicing doing “3 Gun” shooting. Basically 3 Gun uses an AR-15 Rifle, Full Size Handgun and a Tactical Shotgun (usually with high end optics). In this video I use my Ruger 10/22 rifle, my Compact Glock 23 handgun and a Beretta shotgun designed for skeet shooting. It was a lot of fun. You will also see my youngest son use the same .22 rifle, and his Walther P22 handgun, but didn’t want to shoot the .12 guage shotgun, so we exchanged the camera and I finished the round.

The next part of the video, I am practicing my quick draw for self defense. In my opinion, whoever gets lead on their target first has the best chance of surviving a life & death situation.

Then at the very end I show a funny moment.

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-Self Defense Shooter, Tactical Shooting by Paterson Tactical Consulting

My wife (Dr. Lisa), our friend Dr. Murray and I just finished a 6 hour Self Defense Tactical Shooting course by Rick Paterson of Paterson Tactical Consulting, Parker, AZ. It was great. My wife had never received professional firearm training until now. I am happy to say that I think she is finally a gun enthusiast like myself. Yes, of course, I am an expert in hand to hand training, but I would never pass up a chance for a “tool extender” such as a gun, knife or bat to help finish the job.

We learned so many things today including, safety, tactical & speed reloads, movement drills, drills and when the sun finally went down, we practiced night shooting and flashlight shooting. We also did a bunch of close quarters shooting as you can see in the video. I would like to say thanks to Rick Paterson and Paterson Tactical Consulting for putting together such a great training program and traveling to Lake Havasu just for us.

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