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How do I rent?  Send an email to with “B.E.T. DVD Rental” in the subject line (specify if you want Disc-1 only, Disc-2 only or both Discs.  When I receive your email, I will send you the links to watch the HD version (720p) of both discs and an email invoice for $15 or $9 depending on the number of discs you would like to view.  You can pay with Paypal or you can mail me your payment (I will email you the links usually within 1-3 hours of your order).  Very easy and a lot faster then buying.  So rent right now!  100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee.  Thanks for watching.  Coach David Alexander

The truth is out: These ‘bad’ things are actually really good for you

Coach David Alexander 1st Place

Chronic inflammation is making America obese, unhappy and stricken with the deadliest modern diseases

Check out

How to get fat…

Here is how we get fat:

Carbohydrates drives insulin which creates fat.

or Carbohydrates drives insulin which creates fat.

or Carbohydrates creates fat.

Coach David Alexander’s “Super Juice” Green Drink Juice Recipe

Coach David Alexander’s “Super Juice” Green Drink Juice Recipe (I make this 4 to 5 times a week and drink a lot of it right after I juice it on an empty stomach.  Do not eat for at least an hour before or after green juicing to get the full benefit.  I give both my sons up to 8 oz. of super juice and my wife gets around 12 ounces.  I drink the rest throughout the day.  In order for me to get around a gallon of juice I will add in additional ingredients to the basic Coach David Alexander’s “Super Juice” recipe:
-Kale (a whole thing) any type of kale will do.
-Spinach, romaine or cabbage (a whole thing)
-Celery (the whole bunch)
-Cucumber (whole/peeled)
-Carrots (2)
-Ginger (size of thumb)
-Green apples (2) (can sub different apple varieties for more sweetness)
-Oranges, Tangerines or Mineolos (2 peeled)
-Lemon (peeled)
Optional ingredients to add to the above:
-Beet (peeled)(1)
-Parsley (half a bunch)
-Red cabbage (whole thing)
-Swiss Chard