10 Useful Items to Survive Catastrophes by Lee Flynn

Catastrophic situations require you to be prepared. They force you to find and use items you may not be familiar with. Everyone is in danger of facing a catastrophic event at some point or another. For that reason, you may want to become familiar with certain items that can make your survival much easier and comfortable during a catastrophe. Some items are more useful than others. These 10 items in particular could save your life and make things much easier on you when you encounter a catastrophe.

  1. Dust Mask

You might need a dust mask to breathe clean air after a catastrophe. In an earthquake, for example, buildings can collapse and cause tons of dust and debris to fill the air. You can’t afford to breathe in dirty air. This is especially true if you plan to help look for survivors. You must stay safe so that you don’t become another victim. A dust mask is easily one of the most important things to have in order to survive a catastrophe.

  1. Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabric can help you and the people around you stay warm when electricity and gas lines get severed. It can be a source of comfort for people who lost their homes and maybe even their loved ones. Fleece fabric can be purchased in bulk for a cheap price. You can make blankets and other materials out of it for your safety during a catastrophic event. You’ll be glad you have the fleece fabric when the power goes out after a massive flood or tornado.

  1. Rope and Rappelling Gear

You might be called on to help with a high angle rescue. The people performing the rescues might need additional equipment. You could save the day if you are able to provide them with rope and rappelling equipment. People trapped under buildings and other sources of rubble need to be rescued as quickly as possible. Your preparation could mean the difference between life and death for someone in need.

  1. Water Purifier

How long can you survive without clean water to drink? You would be lucky to make it a few days. Your supply of drinkable water could be compromised or lost at any time during a catastrophic event. Water purifier could be the difference between survival and death. It’s much better that you have it and don’t need it. You’ll wish you had clean water to drink if something bad happens. You can help others who need clean water as well if you have water purifier.

  1. Firefighter Ax

An ax can bail you out of a lot of different situations. You may need to chop up some wood to start a fire to cook your food after a catastrophe. Or you might need to break some windows to help people who are trapped. And you can use the ax to break through doors that will lead you to some supplies when you need them. Don’t opt for a hammer or a crowbar. A firefight’s ax is one of the best tools you can have during a terrible situation.

  1. Mirror

A mirror can come in handy during a catastrophe. If you’re trapped and low on supplies, you can use the mirror to alert people to your location. This may be the only way you can attract people to your location during the day. A mirror is small, and it can fit inside any catastrophe survival kit. You don’t want to leave a mirror out of your plans for survival.

  1. Flashlight

You’ll definitely want a flashlight when the power goes out after a catastrophe. Flashlights will help you see as you make your way around your home and the outside areas. You will also need the flashlight to locate supplies as well as people who need help. Make sure you have extra batteries so that you can use the flashlight as much as possible.

  1. Extra Clothes

You’ll need to stay warm and dry. Extra clothes can help everyone stay clean and comfortable. But you can also use shirts as rags and bandages. You may run out of supplies from your first aid kit if the catastrophic event takes place over a long period of time. You never know how you could use extra clothes, but be sure to have them ready in your kit.

  1. Knife

You want a knife in addition to the ax. A knife is more suitable for cutting food and other smaller objects. Knives can also help you to stay safe if looters try to attack your property. This does happen a lot. Look at what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Knives can help you cut ropes, bandages, and anything else you might need.

  1. Extra Money

Even if nobody can accept your money directly following a catastrophe, you will need it eventually. When the stores get back up and running, you will need supplies and you don’t want to be broke without enough money to buy the things you and your family will need to restore your lives to normal. Of course you will want to hide your money and protect it, but the banks might not be available. So you’ll need cash and credit cards on hand.

There you have it! These are just a few of the items that will make survival easier and more comfortable in the event of a catastrophe. But remember, having these items is not enough. If you truly want to be prepared you will need training. Getting educated in skills like high angle rescue and confined space rescuewill help you when times get tough. Are your as prepared as you thought?

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